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Welcome to Bouquets & Cakes,
Fresh Bouq-Cakes for All Seasons!

Our greatest joy is in celebrating life’s special moments with you!

Bouquets & Cakes was born from tradition. Owner and creator, Katie Luna began and built this business with “family and friends” and “celebration” being her main idea and drive. Her core belief is that every special moment in life, no matter how big or small, is worth celebrating. Learn more about Katie in her special letter to you below.

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Savoring the Celebration

At Bouquets & Cakes our greatest joy is in celebrating life’s special moments with you!  We are thrilled to bring the unique element of fresh flowers… in a vase… right inside your cake- to any occasion.  What’s even better is that once the cake is cut, you have a keepsake vase full of fresh, vibrant flowers!

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