Bouquets & Cakes was born from tradition. Owner and creator, Katie Luna began and built this business with “family and friends” and “celebration” being her main idea and drive. Her core belief is that every special moment in life, no matter how big or small, is worth celebrating. Learn more about Katie in her special letter to you below.

Dear Friends,
Since childhood I have enjoyed cooking and baking. It’s a tradition that has been passed down from my great-grandparents, to my Noni (Italian for grandma), to my mom, to me, and now to my own daughter (my sons and my husband enjoy eating more than they do baking!). There are more than five generations carrying on this legacy! From cousins who were bakery owners in Balvano, Italy to my other great-grandma who owned and ran a café in East Texas. It’s in my blood!

As my love for baking and cake decorating has grown through the years, so has my desire to extend my hand crafted cakes with keepsake flower arrangements (my original idea!) to as many people as I can; bringing joy, love and celebration to all life’s special moments. What started as a hobby in my small apartment kitchen many, many years ago has turned into a fast-paced delivery business; extending my passion of quality scratch-baked cakes with fresh flowers and convenient delivery.

The tradition of baking holds great value and deep meaning. It means creating something to proudly serve to loved ones, it’s putting heart and soul into my work, it means family and friendship, celebration and togetherness.

It means the world to me to create something original and unique to take part in your everyday occasions and your extra special ones!

Here’s to celebrating life’s special moments with you!.

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