Welcome to the new BouquetsAndCakes.com!

The launch of Bouquets&Cakes’ new website is one of the most exciting elements of this business for me. From the moment the idea for B&C was conceived, (vases of fresh flowers inside my homemade cakes) having a “Cake Builder” on a brilliantly designed website was number one on my to-do list. I really wanted something special to simplify the cake ordering process. I am a very visual and tactile person so having the ability to have choices to see and click, go back and forth, and have as much time as needed to create a personal order is a very important aspect for me to provide to my customers.

When I was introduced to Evan Agee, I knew immediately that he could bring my vision to life. And he has! He has spent countless hours honing, tweaking and fine tuning every tiny detail, catering to my every whim and wish, and making my dream a reality. Bouquets&Cakes unique and original concept paired with our brand new interactive “Cake Builder” creates a memorable experience for ordering, receiving, giving, indulging and saving (your vase of fresh flowers). I can’t wait for you to order your first cake using our new “Cake Builder”!

Oh I almost forgot! Make sure you click the “Add Sprinkles” button on the home page! I feel like a little kid every time I click that button! I would love feedback on the new website so shoot me a message or leave a comment.

Here’s to celebrating life’s special moments with you!

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